Two New Filibuster Poems

10 03 2014

Two terrific new (at least to me…) filibuster poems:

“No Insect,” by Steve Westbrook, and

“This Morning I Could Do a Thousand Things,” by Robert Hedin.

Check ’em out!



One response

17 01 2018

I know I’m coming quite late to this party, but a couple more poems that feel like potential fillibuster candidates: from the book, how about Rachel Zucker’s “The Death of Everything Even New York City” and Gabriel Gudding’s “The Parenthesis Inserts Itself Into the Transcripts of the Committee on Un-American Activities”? Or Frank O’Hara’s “Poem [The eager note on my door]”, or James Wright’s “Lying in a Hammock […]” (the Hedin poem is lovely, and feels like a strong nod in that direction.)

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