Attend to the Turn

6 03 2013


Looking for some opportunities to attend to the turns in your poetry?  If so..

On March 23, I’ll lead a workshop focusing on the dialectical argument structure at the Tenth Annual Columbus State Writers Conference in Columbus, OH.

On March 24, I’ll discuss the turn and then lead an extended workshop on submitted poems at the Rhino Poetry Forum Workshop in Evanston, IL.



2 responses

24 03 2013
Debby Rohde

I really enjoyed your Evanston workshop. I composed a long-titled poem:

On Dr. Michael Theune After His Poetry Workshop

I’d keep you in my pocket
and when blocked I would
consult you to unlock the
proper turn point and
the end stop.

Thanks for being there.
Debby Rohde

25 03 2013
Mike Theune

I love this poem, Debby–thank you! I’ll hold it close. It was my great pleasure to get to work with you and all the other terrific poets at the RHINO workshop. Sending you all best wishes–

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