Praise for Structure & Surprise

25 01 2013


Poet-critic Celia Lisset Alvarez has some very kind words to say about Structure & Surprise over at her blog, “Writing with Celia.”   Among other things, Ms. Alvarez refers to the fact that Structure & Surprise was left off of the Poets & Writers “Best Books for Writers” list as a “glaring omission,” calling it a “dark horse favorite,” and stating that “[f]ull of examples, this book is not only a great read for the poet who is struggling to find ways to guide a poem to the final draft successfully, but also would make a great textbook….any advanced class that is studying poetry, whether creatively or critically, would find this book eye-opening.”

Phew…  What can I say?  Music to my ears.

Especially as this comes from a poet who knows how to engage a turn–just check out Ms. Alvarez’s poem “What It Takes to Be Lois Lane.”



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