Poetic Structure…Poetic Form…Huh?

26 02 2009


I just put up a new page with what I think might be a helpful essay for anyone trying to sort out the difference between poetic structure and poetic form, or for anyone trying to figure out why we need to make this distinction.

Check it out here.

(Hint: it’s WAY more than tomato/tomahto.)

The essay, “Poetic Structure and Poetic Form: The Necessary Differentiation,” originally appeared in American Poet, Volume 32, spring 2007, published by the Academy of American Poets.



7 responses

28 02 2009
Tyler Smith

I’ve unearthed your digital presence, Theune.

28 02 2009
Mike Theune

I hope you’ll come back, Ty!

7 05 2010

You should check out my blog, please. I’d appreciate it A LOT. =)

27 05 2010
Mike Theune

Cool blog! I hope you keep at the poetry and art!

24 09 2010
Aaron Asphar

I have a seriously great quote for advice on any writing at all – given by Adorno – its well worth a read, quite short….


I read it before every major structured piece of writing.


26 09 2010
Mike Theune


What exactly is the Adorno quote? I’m not sure the link actually gets me there…


27 09 2010
Aaron Asphar

Yikes so sorry! The link is;


Very worth reading!



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