The Opposite of The Alphabet

10 02 2009

Here’s a new poem employing the circular structure–a direct imitation of Jennifer Knox’s “The Opposite of Crunchberries”:


The Opposite of The Alphabet


The opposite of The Alphabet is

a stylish pullover.

The opposite of a stylish pullover is

Brussels sprouts.

The opposite of Brussels sprouts is

fuzzy dice.

The opposite of fuzzy dice is

The Ivory Coast.

The opposite of The Ivory Coast is

a monster truck rally.

The opposite of a monster truck rally is

gel pens.

The opposite gel pens is

a cinderblock.

The opposite of a cinderblock is

a ventilation shaft.

The opposite of a ventilation shaft is

a bloodbath.

The opposite of a bloodbath is

a water landing.

The opposite of a water landing is

a retarded butterfly.

The opposite of a retarded butterfly is


The opposite of applesauce is

the General Lee.

The opposite of the General Lee is

an 18% tip.

The opposite of an 18% tip is

a perp walk.

The opposite of a perp walk is

a steamer trunk.

The opposite of a steamer trunk is

Jose Canseco’s jockstrap.

The opposite of Jose Canseco’s jockstrap is

a whale song.

The opposite of a whale song is

spurring a tumbleweed

away from unwanted octuplets


toward The Alphabet.


by Chip Corwin and Mike Theune


For some information about how Chip and I wrote this, click here.



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